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A Mind, Body Soul Transformation To Activate Your Supernatural And Superconscious Powers To Create An Unlimited Life. 


Bridging consciousness, energetics, neuroscience, biohacking and human optimization to activate your supernatural powers and and release what's blocking you from creating your dream life.


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Dawn Sargente

"I just completed Taylor’s SUPERHUMAN course and can honestly say that I think this course is fantastic and life changing. The SUPERHUMAN course seems like a culmination of Taylor’s teachings in one place. Taylor is knowledgeable, genuine and open. She truly wants everyone to succeed and thrive past her time with you and also overdelivers. I highly, highly recommend investing in this course!"



Have the energetic upgrades and breakthroughs you've been waiting for?


Create with purpose and power and stop living in fear, unworthiness and limitations?


Wake up filled with more energy, joy and fulfillment while increasing your productivity?


Activate your magnetism to begin attracting your desires instead of chasing them?


Reverse the aging process and create more radiance, youth and overall glow within your body and energy?


Have energetic shifts on a mind, body and soul level with ease?


Discover how to tap into your soul's information, intuition and knowing to access your highest potential?


Rise in frequency and a higher vibration because you've now tapped into your superhuman powers?



Activate Your Supernatural And Superconscious Powers To Create Your Limitless Life. 

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Here's What You'll Get When You Say YES To Yourself


☑️  9 modules along with worksheets teaching on the mind body connection, consciousness, energetics and how to tap into your supernatural and limitless abilities and potential.


☑️  5 Live Video recordings of teachings and healings


☑️  Ability to listen to all modules on your favorite podcast app


☑️  2 meditations to help you connect to your higher self


 ☑️  Forever access to all content and videos




You can invest in a program that teaches only one of the following:


◀︎ Reprogramming and rewiring of the mind.


◀︎ Human optimization, healing and the mind body connection.


◀︎ Energetics and spiritual principles to raise your vibrational frequency and connect with higher consciousness.


Or you could invest in this Superhuman course that integrates all 3: the mind, the body and the spirit to create transformational and powerful shifts inside and outside of your life.







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Module 2:

Tapping Into Resiliency And Standing In Your Power

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Module 6:

Connecting To Your Higher Self, Protecting Yourself Energetically And Tapping Into Your Intuition And Knowingness

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Risa C.

"Taylor's programs were the next best step in re-engaging my spiritual journey to living a more soulful, magnetic, loving and abundant life. Throughout the program I've also gone through a lot of healing while acknowledging my own power to create the life I truly want. We all have blocks and fears but I've relearned through my own power and that of the universe, how to heal from this and move beyond those inner limitations. I've seen remarkable changes in real time, I've reconnected with my divine power and continue to see my life evolving. For many years I struggled with feeling stuck...but this program made me unstuck and has started to propel me into the experiences I've only been wishing to have...which are now manifesting!"

The Method And Vehicle To Your  Transformation


Module 1 & 2: The Mind

  • Rewiring of the mind and disrupting your environment
  • Entrainment to create coherence within the mind
  • Reprogramming the subconscious and the unconscious mind
  • Accessing flow states and peak mental states
  • Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Clearing blocks in your emotional and mental bodies
  • EFT video to release stagnation and access your unlimited power
  • Self mastery practices to release blocks, self sabotage and create a new reality 


Module 3 & 4: The Body

  • Clearing blockages in your physical body
  • Regulation of hormones and stress responses
  • Reestablishing connection of the mind and the body
  • Enhancing psychoneuroimmunology (immune system function)
  • Using your body as a map to your soul
  • Kinesiology testing and healing what's unconscious
  • Conscious breath-work, heart coherence, EFT, pranic healing and other energy medicine modalities
  • Morning and evening practices for peak performance, energy and focus
  • Optimizing sleep and releasing stress
  • Body work and movement to enhance detoxification and purify your body
  • Anti-aging and wellness "hacks" to keep your youth and energy


Module 5 & 6: The Soul + Spirit

  • Connecting to your higher self/soul
  • Keeping pristine energy and learning how to clear, clean and protect yourself energetically
  • Unlocking and enhancing intuition and clearing channels (psychic abilities)
  • 3D to 5D and above consciousness
  • Connecting with the superconscious mind
  • Clearing karma and cutting cords and bindings with others
  • Key codes, self-healing practices, mudras and prayers to raise your vibrational frequency 
  • Accessing higher states of consciousness
  • Releasing fear, unworthiness and unconscious energy and adding in more worthiness and power


Module 7, 8 & 9: Alchemy + Integration

  • Transmutting and transforming low frequencies
  • Activating DNA
  • Adding in more light, love, and higher frequencies to the mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies
  • Using energy healing to magnetize and manifest with ease and grace
  • Conscious breath-work session with an advanced practitioner to balance your chakra systems and auric fields
  • Practices to stay in alignment, in your peak and in flow beyond these 4 weeks

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How much time, money and energy are you wasting trying to figure it out yourself?


How much further would you be right now if you made decisions on who you want to be versus who you are?


Your body is intelligent and a map to your soul and you were born to tap into these superhuman yet super natural abilities we all have access to activate.


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Heidi Conto

“Through her programs and being a part of her Self-Mastery class, I have been able to release and heal areas of my life that I have struggled to shift in other programs or healing sessions. I have been able to step more into my power, find my voice/speak my truth, release limiting beliefs, and tap into a creative part of my soul that I never knew was really there. Everything about Taylor Stone is truly transforming. If you are ready to shift into who you are truly designed to be then definitely check out Taylor’s program or any other master course that calls to your soul. I am truly grateful for all the healings, guidance, and creative content Taylor has shared with women all across the world”


✓You desire to find alignment and activation of your potential on a mind, body and soul level.

✓You desire to learn how to tap into your potential and your gifts and channels of higher consciousness while also breaking past limitations to step into your divine power. 

✓You yearn to ascend on a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional level and become the master of your reality and life. 


❌You want to be in the same place come this time next year.

❌You aren't willing to let go of the old version of yourself to step into your higher and more magnetic self.

❌You're not willing or ready to breakthrough your limitations.

You have superhuman and infinite potential that desires to be expressed and our souls are constantly seeking expansion. It's the reason we came back to this planet.


Your mind tells you where you have limitations and where you’re still not free. Your soul is asking you to bring it all into alignment so you can fully receive the messages and higher consciousness available to you.

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Meet Taylor Stone

Taylor Stone is a leader in higher consciousness, self mastery, peak performance and energetics. Through her top rated podcast “Vibe Higher” and her expansive courses and mentorship, Taylor helps high achieving women raise their frequency to attract what it is they desire. She provides the tools to help women create their individual heaven on earth working in conjunction with God and their own responsibility and a powerful co-creator. Combining her background as a former NFL Cheerleader, health sciences degrees, self mastery and alchemical energy healing practices, she’s able to provide her clients with a wide range of proven modalities and techniques to step more into their power and impact in the world. Her mission is to help women remember the power they hold within to become their own self healer and live out their full purpose and potential as a leader.



Make this year the time you finally chose yourself and stopped playing small and tapped into your superhuman and limitless potential.


 You're only one decision away from a higher frequency, more energy, more youth and a limitless life.

Don't wait for life to shift, create the shift.

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Jessica Dill

"The healings and codes she embeds into her work are worth every dime by themselves!"

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